$15.00 NZD

Hmong Pom Tassel

Hmong Pom - tassels brighten up everything they can clip onto, adding an array of colours and texture. Clip one onto the zipper or handle of your bag, wallet or keys, you'll be sure to never loose them again! You might also like to adorn a pretty hook or doorknob with one in your home. They also make a lovely gift for a Mother and baby, offering a visual and tactile delight for both, bringing with it a beautifully soft ring from it's bell.

Each pom pom is handmade, attached to black chord, finished with a quality metal clasp and bell.

L  x 26 cm

W x 10cm approx

Made ethically in Chiang Mai, Thailand

*There may be a slight colour variation in Pom Poms due to them being handmade. Pom Poms that appear dark may be slightly lighter and vice versa. No two are identical. 

*The fabric just below the clasp will vary between pink, red and blue.

A note from the artisan -

"Hi My name is Nuk.I love designing and making Fashion items from Vintage tribal fabrics. The unique handmade quality of vintage tribal pieces allows me to create a special piece each and every time. Sometimes taking the fabric and making something completely from scratch or in this case, its just upcycling the piece to its a former glory. I hope you enjoy and treasure this items as much as I do, Thank you, from the bottom of my heart xxx"